Dance Derby

Menzies Hall, Fintry  

27  September to  October


FADS is proud to announce the first amateur production of Dance Derby, a musical drama written by Kally Lloyd-Jones with music arranged by Kennedy Aitchison. It was first performed to critical acclaim by Company Chordelia Dance Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival in 2013 as a co production with Scottish Opera..

Dance Derby tells the story of the dance marathons of the depression era in America. Lasting for weeks, the competitive dancers danced all day and all night, and ate whilst they danced with only 10 minutes rest every 2 hours. The $1000 prize went to the survivors who endured the strict rules, extreme conditions and ferocious competition. The Dance Marathons of depression-era America attracted huge audiences and would last for weeks. They were the Reality Shows of their day.

With dancers, actors and a 6-piece band, Dance Derby contrasts the exuberance of the 1930s music with the desperation of the dancers. This first amateur production, featuring much of the original set, props and costumes, promises to be an exciting experience for everyone who appreciates drama, dance, and music.